Big Hair Beauty was born out of an ‘aha’ moment when Melissa uncovered and fell in love with her natural curls, but struggled to find the perfect natural products to care for them.

Adopting a more natural and chemical free lifestyle, Melissa was just as conscious of what she was putting on her body, as well as what she was putting in it. Swapping stories with other curly girls she noticed a pattern… “All of us curly girls have the same problem, finding good natural products that work.”

So fast forward 2 years of experimenting, mixing, making and hair product DIY, Melissa hired a chemist to work with to create a range of products made specifically for curly, kinky, multi-textured hair. And Big Hair Beauty was born! A natural curl care range to get the best out of your curls.


There’s so much goodness that grows in the ground and on trees, and stuff, which can all be turned into awesome curl care. So why all the synthetic chemicals and other nasties? At Big Hair Beauty we’re committed to using 0% of the things you don’t like such as mineral oils, parabens, SLS’s, silicones, and 100% of the goodness you do like and what your curls and kinks need.


Our products are made by curly kinky girls, for curly kinky girls. We put a lot of time into researching our ingredients so we can source the best for our curls. From the tried and tested that have been around for centuries, to the new kids on the block that are changing the game. From our eco-cert approved preservative, to the unrefined shea butters and rhassoul clays. Basically, we do this for us curly girls, and we get it!


We like the planet, so we like to do our bit. Our plastics are recyclable, our boxes are made with recycled materials and where possible, our ingredients are fair trade and come from sustainable sources. In short, we care, so help us save the planet and be nice to people by disposing of our packaging responsibly and taking part in campaigns that support the causes and charities we love.

Curl Mission

Because we’re curly girls, we know the struggle most of us had growing up trying to tame what we once thought unruly and undesirable curls and kinks. So, we’re here to challenge the status quo and unite curly kinky girls worldwide. Big Hair Beauty isn’t just about healthy hair and non-toxic ingredients, our mission is to make Big Hair a way of life, a mentality where you can go to school, work and play and rock your Big Hair with pride.