4 Products To Try If You’re Committed To Vegan Haircare

Going full Vegan with your hair care routine is not as much of a hardcore task as it used to be, you don’t need to DIY your own products or spend loads of money to stay free-from animal products. 

We've seen first-hand the damaging effects that harmful and toxic ingredients have on our hair, so we pride ourselves and are mindful about the ingredients we use. We proudly have 4 vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products (In case you were wondering why some of our products aren’t vegan, DEEP contains honey and CURL contains honey and silk amino acids). 

Keep reading to see how you can achieve a full Vegan wash day with Big Hair!

Cleanse with Clean

CLEAN is our SLS free shampoo created to remove product build up and cleanse hair whilst maintaining natural oils and sebum. Formulated with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter + Pro-Vitamin B5 to gently clean your curls, kinks  and coils without leaving them dry, it’s especially good for sensitive scalps. 

Condition with Soft

SOFT is our versatile, silicone free co-wash conditioner to detangle, moisturise and soften hair. It tames frizz and promotes moisture, whilst defining and maintaining natural curl definition. It’s ideal for curly and coily hair as it helps maintain definition by not stripping natural oils. It’s perfect to use as a rinse out conditioner after regular shampooing or as a midweek co-wash.

Moisturise with Milk 

MILK is our lightweight, non-greasy, leave in that penetrates the strand and improves moisture retention. As it doesn’t leave build up, it’s perfect to use as a daily refresher as well as a wash day staple. 

Seal with Whip 

WHIP is our luxuriously whipped avocado butter that adds softness, seals in moisture, without leaving hair feeling greasy and weighed down. A little goes a long way so use sparingly!

We’d love to know if you’re Vegan and will be trying out our Vegan goodies! Drop a comment below to share your tips with our Big Hair BHabes.

Love BHB

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