5 Reasons To Add Co-Washing To Your Hair Routine


So, you’ve seen this co-washing thing being thrown around and you’re trying to figure out what it is, if it’s for you and what the benefits are? Conditioner washing – or co-washing if you’re fancy – is just that, washing your kinks and curls with conditioner only. Crazy right? But once you try, you’ll understand why it’s got us curly girls and naturalistas singing it’s praises.

Put simply, co-washing is definitely something you want to add to your routine.


Here are 5 reasons to drop the shampoo… sometimes

1: Softer curls  All that extra conditioning makes your curls and kinks softer and shinier, as you retain more of your natural oils and sebum. The result? Super moisturised hair, that instantly looks and feels great. So when your hair’s looking and feeling a little dry, lacklustre and undefined (and you don’t already have a lot of product build up), try a co-wash for an instant fix.


2: Minimise breakage  Because our hair is at it’s weakest whilst wet we have to take extra care when teasing out those knots. Co-washing makes detangling easier, by increasing slip, which then minimises breakage – especially when coupled with ingredients like the hydrolysed oat protein we use in our ‘Soft Curls Conditioner’, which temporarily fills damaged cuticles to protect your strands from further damage.


3: Colour keeper  Remember when you first coloured your hair and stepped out feeling brand new? Stay with that feeling… Co-washing can help your highlights, lowlights, strobe lights (we joke!) stay vibrant for longer as it reduces the wear from shampoo washing and packs your strands with moisture, strengthening the pigment of hair dye.


4: Curl definition – If you really want to see your curls pop, do a co-wash! All those curl loving conditioning ingredients quench your hair and correct its electric charge so your cuticles lay flat (and if you want to know more about keeping cuticles flat, click here. After a few co-washes, you’ll see your natural texture popping out (literally).


5: Saves time – So you know how wash day is literally just that… A whole day. Prepping, washing, conditioning, detangling, sectioning… You get the picture? Well, co-washing is the quick midweek sanity check that allows you to skip your full wash day routine, but still come out with the results of fresh wash day curls. Aaah. The joys of being a curly girl!


Big Hair Note:

Co-washing doesn’t lift all dirt and product build up, so you should still make time for a gentle shampoo in your routine because we need a clean scalp to promote growth, and curls get weighed down over time and need a good clean.

If you’re thinking of starting a co-washing routine, or already do, it’s also important to limit non-water soluble silicones as they prevent the moisture from actually getting into your strand, and cause more build up, which then requires more washing to remove… and you don’t want that right Beauties?


BHB recommends:

Our ‘Soft Clean SLS Free Shampoo’ and ‘Soft Curls Conditioner  – a versatile and silicone-free product, making it perfect for use as a co-wash or to rinse out after regular shampooing. Packed full of curl loving natural ingredients, it will leave you with the soft and healthy kinks and curls.

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Peace, Love & Curls


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