5 Ways You Can Fight Humidity And Win

So, whilst the high street prepares to give us sneak peaks of it’s A/W collections, and we’re picking out which hats are going to look cute with our fros, our (not so good) friend humidity returns and brings the Indian Summer style vibe to those of us who are less fortunate and have to talk about the weather. A few more days of sunshine is definitely a yay, but us kinky curly girls (and curly kinky girls alike) are always the first victims of humidity. Now, we don’t mind a little extra puff to get that Big Hair on fleek (that words still in right?), but the moisture in the air does cause havoc when you had your hairdo catwalk ready when you left.


Here are our tips to brave the weather and get ready for the humidity showdown…

1: Use cool water – The fight starts in the shower! After every wash the goal is to close the cuticle (the outermost layer of our hair) by doing a final rinse with cool (or as cold as you can manage) water. This will seal your strand, preventing water from the moist air entering it when you step out during the day – so with no room to swell, you reduce that extra extra puff (also known as frizz). It also traps the lovely goodness from our silicone free Soft Co-wash Conditioner.


2: Condition like your life depended on it – Dry, thirsty hair is always looking for all the moisture it can get. So, you’ve guessed it, a humid day turns into a playground and your hair is just sucking it all up. Literally. Healthy, hydrated hair will suck up less moisture from the air, because it simply doesn’t need it all. Noticing that humidity literally takes over? You probably need to up your deep conditioning game, and maybe add a co-wash or two to your routine.


3: Dry hair gently – Most of our frizz is a result of a poor drying technique. Your kinks and curls are super delicate, and need to be handled with care – like how you’d handle that chiffon dress that you didn’t buy in the sale because you just had to have it. The trick is not to disturb your curls, kinks, and coils, so ditch your terry towel and grab a cotton t-shirt and carefully blot the excess water from your hair. Note to self, do NOT rub. Rubbing creates friction and frays the cuticle, which leads to…need I say more?


4: Say no to humectants – In the colder months, humectants are a curls best friends. These ingredients promote moisture retention by pulling it to the hair shaft and keeping it there (cool right?). But this moisture is usually drawn from the moist air, so you see why they’re a no-no when it’s humid, right? Warm weather is all about anti-humectants – think oils and heavier creams that seal like our WHIP Moisturising Butter


5: Only step outside when your hair is 100% dry Sorry Beauty, that wash and go is a no no right now. Hair is more resistant when dry, and sealed, and all of that good stuff, because there’s simply no room for that moisture to get it. Wet hair is an open invitation to have all of your hard work destroyed before you even get to brunch with your curl friends. Don’t have time to wash and dry before you leave out in the morning? Wash and dry the night before, pineapple, and throw on a silk/satin scarf and watch your hair thank you for it in the AM.


Still struggling? Try wearing your hair in a protective style so it is off your neck and out of sight. Twists of any kind are always a good choice, but so are up-dos, buns or just a fly head wrap to set off your outfit.

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Peace, Love & Curls


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