Busy Bhabes: Your Quick Wash Day Guide

It’s 9am on a Sunday morning, you’ve cleared your schedule, and you’ve got one goal: Wash Day.

But, we’re not bringing whole wash days into 2021! We’re doing wash morning’s, and Netflix and chill afternoon’s (if you’re running out of things to watch during this new lockdown check our blog here).

If you’re a busy Bhabe like us, we know you’ve probably thought to yourself that “there’s got be an easier (and quicker) way to do this”.

Here’s our tried and tested method for getting wash day done in record time:

Step 1 - Detangle before (and after) washing

This is truly a game changer! Don’t stress, I know you’re probably thinking “detangling once is enough” - but hear us out. Not only does detangling before washing save time, it’s a haircare must to prevent unwanted knots that can lead to split ends. Finger detangling to separate your hair before you shampoo also reduces the effects of static, which further reduce knots.

Step 2 - Sectioning

If you style and apply your hair product in sections, washing in those same sections is the step you didn’t know you needed! If this trick isn’t in your routine, try it and let us know what you think in the comments below. Dividing your hair into as little as 4 sections and doing a jumbo twist or two when you detangle pre-wash, means that you can wash and condition each of those sections during washing making it easier to manage.

Step 3 – Style + Go

So, you’re fresh out the shower with your sections and you’re ready to style. During these cold winter months and lockdown, low manipulation styles save you time and also mean that you’re being good to your ends and edges (because we want them to stay in our lives). Unravel section by section, applying our MILK Leave In followed by WHIP Moisturising Butter or CURL Defining Cremé gel, and either do your usual wash and go, or try a chunky twist or braids whilst you dry - and bonus, you’re also ready for a twist out later in the week!


If you’re deep conditioning, slather on DEEP, throw on a shower cap after Step 2 and get to watching Netflix, cleaning, cooking, hanging out with the quarantine fam (or whatever you Bhabes do on a good ol’ Sunday). Multitasking is our whole bag and conditioning your curls and coils at the same time as doing a few house chores is how a boss Bhabe gets it done (but also, DEEP Condition + Chill if that’s today’s energy, we’re not mad at that either).

Let us know any quick wash day tips you have in the comments below.

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