How to say Goodbye to your Split Ends

Spring is almost here! And after the long, cold winter months, you’ve probably noticed a split end or two. Those woolly jumpers and scarves are cute don’t get use wrong, but they’re not so great for your curls and coils. Your hair gets caught around the necks and shoulders, often getting tangled in the knit – you pull away, and ta-da – a brand new split end for you.


Those tangles start attaching to each other and quickly turn into knots, then those knots turn detangling into a heated battle (no pun intended), and before you know it, they’ve taken over and are trying to bring the rest of your curls and coils down. It has to end.


Here are 5 tips on how to break up with your split ends and say goodbye (forever):


1: Trim – First things first, let’s be kind to our curls and just give them a professional trim. It’s a harsh reality, but there’s no nursing split ends back to optimum health. Does your hair seem like it’s been the same length for forever and a day? It’s probably due to your split ends travelling up the shaft, causing more damage and breaking off so you don’t retain any length. Scary thought, huh?


2: Be Gentle – Our ends are the oldest parts of our hair, so they need a little more care. All it takes is a little TLC. Honest! It’s really that simple. Take your time when combing or brushing, detangling the ends first before attempting to glide through from the roots. Chipped a nail? File it smooth before handling as your curls and coils are delicate. You’ll be surprised how these small changes will improve the overall health of your hair.


3: Moisturise – Think of heels at the end of summer after sporting open back sandals for two months straight: dying for attention and in desperate need of deep moisturisation. The same thing is happening to your ends after being exposed to the elements for just a little too long. Keep your ends moisturised and try sealing with our ‘Moisture Me Whipped Butter’ for extra protection. Don’t leave the rest of your hair out though – every curl and coil needs some moisture in their life.


4: Protect – Mix up your hairstyles. Opt for a high bun or a pinned up braid every now and again, instead of rocking your big curly fro every day. Why? Well, for a start it shows off your gorgeous face. But it also gives your curls and coils a much needed break. Try pushing your wash day back by a day or two and give a protective style a test run (giving your tresses time off from all that hand in hair loving and afro picking). Low manipulation reduces the risk of split ends returning.


5: Search + Destroy – So you’ve finally broken up with those pesky split ends for good, and you want to build a better, healthier relationship with your curls and coils. If you notice your ends starting to get a little scraggy and are feeling a bit rough, buy yourself a good pair of trimming scissors and have them on hand to snip away the baddies before they start their journey.


Tried and tested any of the above? Share your tips with other Big Hair Beauties below and help them on their journey.


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Peace, Love & Curls


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