Hair loss & scalp issues? Try Trichology

Many of us battle with ongoing scalp issues, excessive shedding and even hair loss. This can be devastating, especially if you don’t know the cause.


At Big Hair our focus has always been on healthy hair and scalp, which is why we created our natural, Vogue Beauty Award nominated range. Sometimes problems persist because underlying issues need a little more attention to work with great products and a carefully considered routine.


Enter, Trichology.


Hair Anatomy

Trichology is a branch of dermatology that studies the hair and scalp that takes a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. If you know anything about the Big Hair brand, you’ll know that this is our mantra! Looking at the whole person and taking a holistic approach to hair care and wellness in general. 


Not only does Trichology look at the symptoms you’re experiencing and the condition of your hair and scalp, but it also takes into account lifestyle, diet and wellbeing and looks at everything holistically.


If you’re struggling with hair loss and/or scalp issues and want to find out more. Join us this Saturday 12th October at Black Girl Fest and book an appointment with Trichologist Stephanie Sey to privately discuss your concerns.

Stephanie Sey Trichologist

Stephanie Sey Trichologist


Stephanie Sey is a Consultant Trichologist with first hand hair loss experience and is an Associate member of The Institute of Trichologists. Stephanie has experience in all hair types, but has a special interest in Afro and Mixed textured hair.

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