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10 Steps to healthier hair in 2019

There’s nothing like the new year to inspire healthy resolutions, fresh starts and working towards your dreams. So, you’ve signed up to the gym, found yourself a new hobby, and got the best selling self help books at the ready… But what about your hair?

Here are our 10 steps to healthier hair in 2019!


1.  Embrace your hair

Whether you’re transitioning, have big chopped or are 5 years natural – this is the most important step. Love your hair in all of its natural glory and accept your gorgeous curls, kinks and shrinkage for what they are (magic). Even on the frustrated, pulling your hair out, can’t be bothered to fix it days… embrace it.

2.  Eat your hair healthy

Remember when mum used to tell you to drink lots of water and eat your greens? If only we’d realised how valuable this little nugget of information was. Both provide perfect conditions for healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp, So, eat your curls healthy Big Hair Beauties.

3.  Use healthy hair care

We don’t just use natural ingredients because they sound good, we use them because they ARE good. Be committed to using non-harmful, healthy hair care that are kind to your curls and doesn’t dry them out. You can browse our ingredients here and check out our curl care here. Because what you put on your hair and body is as important as what you put in it.

4.  DEEP condition

Regular deep conditioning is an essential part of any curly kinky girls routine. Scrap that, it’s an absolute necessity and cannot be missed. The benefits are endless. Conditioning, softening, moisturising, improving moisture retention and increasing elasticity. Have you tried our best selling DEEP Conditioning Clay Mask? The perfect winter curl saviour.

5.  Trim regularly

So, you’ve heard the saying “you have to give up the stuff that ways you down” right? It was talking about ends Big Hair Beauties. Those scraggly, split and brittle ends that break off and travel up your strand. You have to give them up Beauties, and make a vow to do it on a regular basis. If you’re transitioning, consider being brave and doing a big chop. It puts less stress on the hair and gets you to healthy hair faster.

6.  Protect your hair at night

If you’re lucky, you spend on average 7 hours a day tucked up in bed. Picture this – those big, soft, fluffy cotton pillows… sucking the life out of your curls! Because that curly girl sin is one of the main causes of frizzing and dryness. Swap your cotton pillow for a satin alternative or wear a silk or satin headscarf to help keep your curls moisturised and frizz free.

7.  Include protective styling

As gorgeous as your curls and kinks are in all of their wild, free and captivating glory – continuous exposure to the elements and manipulation increases the risk of damage and reduces length retention. Sometimes, less is more. So give your hair regular breaks from the day to day fluffing, flicking and fabulousness and opt for a bun or braids or updo’s to keep your precious ends tucked away.

8.  Try something new

Always opt for stretched styles? Embrace the shrinkage and rock out au naturel. Already a fan of wash and go’s and shrinkage? Try a braid out or roller set to stretch your curl pattern and create some new magic. Whatever you do, do something different and love your hair all over again!

9.  Connect with other naturalistas

When you’re newly natural and embracing the curl life it can be a lonely road. Support and encouragement is everything. So connect with other women and make some new curl friends. Sign up to some blogs and newsletters, follow some inspirational social media accounts and look for local brunches, meet ups and natural hair events. You’ll find all of our social media accounts in the footer below.


So, that braid out didn’t go as planned. Your super defined curls from day 1 have disappeared, never to be seen again until wash day. You followed all the steps in that YouTube tutorial for the tenth time and your wash and go still failed. This is all normal Beauties. It takes time to get to know your curls and kinks, so don’t give up! Perfect hair doesn’t exist, but fabulous hair is just around the corner!

What are your healthy hair resolutions for 2019? Let’s start a healthy hair care dialogue. Connect with us on social media or leave a comment below.

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