10 Bad Hair Habits to Break in 2020

There’s nothing like the new year to inspire new resolutions, new goals and the 'new year, new me' mindset... but, let's be real with each other Beauties, there's also nothing like the reality of the third week in January hitting home to remind us that we've failed 9 out of the 10 things that we started with on the 1st. 


Without sounding like we're starting the year - and a whole new decade - in backwards motion and with a negative outlook - bad habits are what keep us from reaching our goals. Whether it's a hair goal, fitness goal, business goal or relationship goal - it's the bad habits that creep in and ruin our chances of being successful in reaching whatever goal we’re trying to achieve.


So, if we're hitting those hair goals this year Beauties - let us seek and destroy those bad habits and replace them with good ones, like we seek and destroy those split ends so they can't creep up on us again!


So. Here's what we're not doing in 2020!


1.  Holding on to split ends

There's no easy way to say this - so, just cut them off sis. They're toxic, and ruin it for all of the good strands that are on their healthy journey. Split ends [people, bad food, poor sleeping patterns]. They're all toxic and they've got to go sis.

2.  Skipping DEEP conditioning

If you washed and conditioned, or co-washed, on your last two wash days - then the next wash day is a DEEP conditioning day. Like, it has to be! Even if you can 'get away with' a co-wash and your curls and fro still look cute, deep down beneath your cuticles your hair knows what's going on and it doesn't like it one bit.

3.  Moisturising without hydrating first

We'll go deeper into this and give it a whole blog post to itself, because it deserves one. Until then - hydration and moisture aren't the same thing and our hair needs both. Like our skin, if it's dry and thirsty we've learnt that a mist, water based serum or hydrating toner before our cream works wonders. It's the same with our hair - using a water based leave in like MILK first to hydrate, then sealing in with a thicker product like WHIP should be done every time you add product to your hair.

4.  Using heat daily

Look. We're not the heat police, so get that blow out if you want sis - you'll look amazing! Sit under the hood dryer so you don't have to go outside in the cold with wet hair, lightly stretch for a different look.

But. Not every day heat. Some days air drying, not restretching or re-blowing out your hair in between washes and letting your hair recover.

Also. DEEP condition. DEEP condition. DEEP condition.

5.  Going to bed without a head scarf or satin pillowcase

This is such a big curly girl sin that we often take for granted, but this one literally changes lives. Cotton is great for drying your hair post-wash, as the fibres are super absorbent and are able to draw in lots of water. For anything else hair related, it's a no. Picture your gorgeous, frizz free curls and fro lying on that fluffy cotton pillow all night...and getting the life sucked out of it. We don't want all of that hard work keeping your strands hydrated and moisturised going to waste. 

6.  Taking down twist/braid outs before they dry

So, I know we all laugh about failed twist outs - we've seen the memes - or, maybe we shed a tear if wash day was perfectly timed to be 2-3 days before the event that we needed the twist out for. But, there are bigger issues than a 'bad hair day'. Over manipulation of hair is a big cause of damage, and wet hair is susceptible to damage. Actually, let's be frank, our hair is fragile period. So any over manipulation to achieve a style has the potential to do damage.  

7. Not detangling wash and go's fully to keep curls intact

We get it. You want your perfectly formed curls and coils to be popping once your hair's dry. So, disturbing them post-wash is a no-no to minimise frizz and allow this to happen. You've tried in the past and it's had horrible consequences that you just don't want to risk - so... you avoid fully detangling so your curls and coils clump together better. Pre-poo and detangle, then condition and detangle and you're all set for effortless detangling when you're applying product with minimal disruption to curls and coils. We'll also do another post on why your curls don't bounce back and how to improve elasticity. 

8.  Always stretching shrinkage

There's nothing wrong with a stretched twist out, elongating your curls and coils or simply trying to achieve an alternative look. But, over manipulation can lead to damage and cause breakage. Rocked a stretched look on your last few wash days? Embrace your shrinkage and rock a new look this wash day. And, always, always, always be gentle when handling your hair. 

9.  Not including protective styling

Like make-up free days to let your skin have some much needed rest, sometimes your hair needs a break too. If you're always rocking your fro or curls out, style daily or use heavy manipulation like twist and braid outs - then protective styling every couple of months can give your hair some much needed relief. There are loads of options from short term options like an updo or a few wig days during the week, to options that last a few weeks like box braids, crochet locs and weaves. So, switch it up sis! We can do both.

10.  Texture discrimination

Yeah... so, we're #sorrynotsorry that we've put this one here because we see this around a lot - both directly and indirectly. We see the good hair trope being passed around too, and to us, all hair is good hair - especially when it's healthy. Good hair is your hair. Whether kinky coily, afro with kinks, loose curls or waves - or whatever. All hair is good hair, and your hair is good hair sis. 


So. That's it. We're breaking all of these bad habits and reaching our hair goals in 2020. What are your hair goals this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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Thank you so much for this very positive look at breaking bad hair habits. My mission this year is to achieve healthy thick hair,( after ill health and breakage) your products are helping me get there! I’m really grateful for these tips . Many Thanks

Ballu January 08, 2020

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