Our Top 5 Protective Hairstyles

Bhabes, with summer coming to an official end (*cries in daylight saving time*), and the weather constantly fluctuating by the hour, we’ve got to get our winter routines started early so that we can weather the storm (no pun intended). Colder weather means drier hair, and that can lead to a whole host of other problems such as shedding, breakage and split ends.

We love mother nature, but let’s be frank, our hair doesn’t bhabes, so - protective styling season it is. New to protective styling? They’re the ones that require minimal manipulation and maintenance, that don’t put too much stress on your hair, and thus reduce or minimise any potential damage to your curls and fro.


So, here are 5 protective hairstyles and a few tips that will keep your hair healthy, hydrated and happy during the cold weather.


1. Headscarves. 

(photo credit: @kandianzinga)

A head scarf is the easiest go to protective hairstyle, as it means that your hair underneath doesn’t have to be styled and can be left in a low manipulation style like a few simple braids (also known as bedtime plaits or doo doo plaits, if you know, you know). We recommend hydrating and moisturising your hair first, and then voila, you’re ready to go! How’s that for a quick getting ready hack? Silk or satin head scarves will also help keep moisture locked in, so it’s a win win.


2. Cornrows 

(photo credit: @6kenza)

Cornrows (or canerows if you’re old school), are a quick versatile win.  Straight back, into a bun, half up, half down, beads on the end - whatever you’re feeling, there’s a style for everyone. You can keep it simple or jazz it up however you like. And the best part is, you can leave them in for a week or two (sometimes more if your hair stays neat like that) and just top up on your hydration throughout.


3. Box Braids 

(photo credit: @aurea.cg)

A classic that never fails are box braids. Chunky box braids, skinny box braids, jumbo box braids. Again, the options are endless bhabes. Braid it up, hydrate every few days, but forget about it (preferably until before they start to look like faux locs, which brings us smoothly on to our next suggestion).


4. Faux Locs 

(photo credit: @_angel.davis)

Faux locs are a firm fave! You can get them done by crochet for quickness, or individually, and like braids, there are loads of options, including butterfly locs. It’s playful, cute and a complete lewk all by itself. But, you can also jazz up, like with 2 buns, and make it fashion.


5. High Bun 

(photo credit: @m.chanelll)

If you’re a bhabe who likes to keep it simple, a high bun is a nice quick protective style. With your ends tucked away, you’re protecting the oldest, weakest parts of your hair by not leaving them exposed to being caught on your clothes, or being affected by the weather. The best thing? A messy bun is a totally acceptable hairstyle bhabes, so not slicked edges and baby hairs every day.

Let us know what your favourite protective hairstyles are at the moment in the comment section below! 

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