Top 5 Festival Hairstyles We’re Loving Right Now

#ThankGodItsFestivalWeekend! After what feels like a decade in lockdown, the UK is open and it’s finally festival season! So, whether you’re out and about enjoying the much missed festival life, or you just want to get into the festival spirit from the comfort of your home whilst watching on YouTube, we’ve got 5 festival hairstyles that we think you’ll love!


1. Two Braided Ponytails with Accent Twist Tiara: 

(photo credit: @yarashahidi)

We stan for Yara, and we stan for this look! The simplicity of two braided ponytails but with a twist (no pun intended) of a tiara really makes this very chic lewk stand out.

2. Half Up and Down Passion Twists:

(photo credit: @fiere_ebene)

Everybody loves a bit of passion twists. This look is a go to that can work for almost any occasion. But for a weekend festival? Count us in! Not only is it a cute style, it’s also a protective style with minimal fuss, which means that you can be holed up in your tent for the weekend and it’s guaranteed to stay in place the whole time. Festival-safe approved!


3. Hair Accessories 

(photo credit: @imanievans_)
One of our absolute faves are hair accessories. Who doesn’t love a flower or five in their hair? Whether it’s clip on flowers, butterflies, beads or all of the above - nothing says festival more than this look! If you’ve left it too late to order a pack of faux flowers, you can grab some fresh ones to take their place. We don’t approve using real butterflies though bhabe. Stay cruelty free this festival season.


4. Coi Leray Braids

(photo credit: @evssofficial)

I mean… need we say more?!


5. Bantu Knots 

(photo credit: @im_blacklily)


Bantu Knots are a quick go to that look good, act as another protective style, and give your hair a second lease of life when you let it down! Why not start the weekend with a bantu knot, and end with your free flowing fro! Day 1 and day 2 looks sorted. 

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