Do Calming Teas Really Work? What to Know Before You Sip

The act of taking a minute to prepare a cup of tea and slow down can help to relieve stress and leave you feeling a little more balanced.  If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or are just ready for this new lockdown to be over - you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s the small things that help, and taking a 5 minute break with your favourite cuppa can leave you feeling a little more hopeful.

We’ve taken the hassle out of choosing the perfect cuppa and have rounded up a list of the best teas to encourage you to find your zen. 


Chamomile tea is one of the most popular teas. Chamomile helps to naturally increase serotonin and melatonin levels in your body, leaving you feeling relaxed without feeling drowsy.  Plus, it can help relieve tension by soothing muscle aches and headaches often associated with stress and anxiety. As it’s an herbal tea, the caffeine-free blend won’t spike your anxiety levels, and can be sipped on at any time of day. 


Peppermint tea is a refreshing tea that is great both hot and cold. It acts as a natural antispasmodic and sedative to help relax both your mind and body. Peppermint has shown to be great for your digestive system, which can be helpful if your stress or anxiety levels tend to bring on any stomach issues. It’s a great option to give you a natural energy boost while also leaving you feeling calm and balanced.


Green tea one of the best sources of L-theanine, and has been shown to be helpful in improving stress levels, reducing fatigue, and promoting better sleep. Loaded with antioxidants, not only is it great for your physical health but also for your mental health. 


Rosehip is a naturally caffeine-free tea, making it a great option if caffeine tends to increase your anxiety levels. It’s loaded with Vitamin C, so it can help to boost your immunity if you’re feeling worn down from stress. 


A popular calming herb, lemon balm tea is another great option for relieving stress and anxiety. Similar to its use in aromatherapy, Lemon Balm tea helps to reduce tension and relaxes muscles, relieving headaches and muscle cramps while soothing the digestive system.

We’d love to know if you have any favourite teas that you take for relaxation. Drop a comment below and share with our Big Hair BHabes.

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