Looking for peace? We’ve found it!

With our typically busy day to day lives, and us spending 2020 navigating a pandemic and the uncertainty that it brought along with it - many of us have been searching for that ever elusive inner peace that is often so difficult to find. With today being the International Day of Peace, we wanted to help you find it… that thing that brings an “Aaaah… and relax” moment when you’ve been going through it.


Here are some of the tried and tested ways the Big Hair Team unwind, take a step back and practice self care to bring us back to self:



It’s no secret that we’re living in a state of information overload - with information and content everywhere, whether we’re scrolling down our social media feeds, clicking the latest link in our family group chat or falling down a Google rabbit hole. But, sometimes, it’s great to put down our phone, step away from our laptop and find ourselves a little corner to snuggle up in or put our feet up. Whether you grab a physical book, your Kindle or prefer an Audiobook - reading can transport you to a far away place and take your mind off your surroundings and day to day stresses. Reading has been proven to calm us down, lower stress levels, reduce our heart rate and reduce muscle tension in an average of six minutes. So what are you reading next BHabe?



Now we know exercise isn’t everyones idea of fun - but hear us out BHabe. Picture this - your favourite playlist, your most comfortable running shoes, a light breeze caressing your face as you pick up speed, a morning run with just you against the tarmac. Aaaaah. Bliss.

If you’re still raising an eyebrow, then maybe this one isn’t for you - but if you’re still here and sitting on the fence about it, exercise has long been famed for both physical and mental wellbeing. Maybe try a lower impact activity like yoga and pilates, which are also known to promote tranquility and improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and stress levels.




This one is the dreamiest of them all, and the perfect way to get some much needed me-time - which is essential in recharging your batteries and finding balance. You can throw in your favourite bath salts and bubbles (and some rose petals if you’re fancy), light some scented candles, grab yourself a glass of wine and make it a ritual by putting on your favourite face mask and DEEP Conditioner . Then sink into the abyss! Ahhhh. Enjoy BHabe. You deserve it.




How often do tell yourself nice things? Not the odd comment when you’re already feeling good about yourself, but really well thought out things, just to you, and only about you, and maybe when you need them most?

Sometimes we can get so caught up in being caregivers, mothers, lovers, sisters, friends - that we forget that sometimes we need the gentle encouragement that we offer others too.

Affirmations are a  great way to remind ourselves of how beautiful, amazing and powerful we are, and an amazing way to reinforce those feel good feelings.

Affirmations can change negative thought patterns into positives ones, influence your subconscious to help you feel positive about yourself and boost your self confidence. So, we’re starting here BHabe.


“Today, you are brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.”

“You have been given endless talents, which you will begin to utilise for your greater good.”

“You are courageous and can face anything.”


Happy International Day of Peace BHabe.


Love + Light,

The Big Hair Team

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