Custom Coupon Codes


Use your Custom Coupon Code to quickly and easily share your Big Hair code with your followers and curl friends. We can create a custom code of your choice, so whether its your first name, IG handle or blog name we'll make it simple and use your preferred choice and add 15 at the end. E.g. BIGHAIR15, so it's recognisable to your followers.

Coupon codes are the most frequently used amongst our affiliates and we find that the affiliates who perform best use their codes in the following ways:

  • Use their codes on both organic and related posts.
  • Add their code to their bio and tag us to easily direct customers to our page and products.
  • Add their affiliate link to their bios during promotions to increase uptake, and/or keep a link permanently on their LinkTree
  • Add their affiliate link to swipe up on IG during promotions to increase their commission*


What do we mean by organic? 

Sharing your code on posts that aren't directly related to products, and sometimes not even a specific hair post.

E.g. You post a cute photo out and about, you tag your outfit, where you are etc, and then you also tag @bighair and remind people that they can use your code for 15% off.



Product Links


Link to a specific product on our page and show information about that product. Build customised text links, text and image links, and image only links to our products.

Enhance your product links with product previews or use Easy Links, high-converting promotional and announcement banners that we serve directly to your site.

Link to any Page

Navigate to any of our product details page and capture the links directly from page you are viewing. You can even build shortlinks from the sitestripe toolbar.

Share on Twitter and Facebook

Post a quick update to Facebook or Twitter with a link to the product page you are viewing.




Get reports on your earnings and understand what's working best for you as an Affiliate.

You can track your earnings at any time with your online daily reports. Your reports also help you understand what motivates your customers to buy, for example increases in earnings around specific content, and what types of products they like - as you're able to see what your best selling products are amongst your users (customer details such as names, address, email address and billing information are always kept private).

Your easy-to-read reports show you your traffic, revenue, earnings, conversion rates and link types to help you monetise your presence. The more you understand and utilise this, the more commission you can earn and you can create content and posts your customers want to see to encourage them to use your codes and links. 


We're also open to collaborations and the like with our high earning affiliates to help you increase your commission earnings.


Report Types

  • Earnings
  • Orders
  • Link-Type
  • Daily Trends
  • Tracking ID Summary
  • Payment History