OUR STORY BEGAN WITH… sheer frustration. You can’t sugarcoat the natural hair journey, so I’m not even going to try. There’s the struggle to understand what your hair wants, needs, and probably, if it’s anything like mine, demands on any given day. The confusion as to whether it needs moisture, hydration, protein or all of the above. The failed twist outs. Even when you’ve watched that Youtube video 100 times, are 200% sure you’ve followed every single step, and are certain you have exactly the same hair type. Then there’s figuring out what products work, what don’t, what ingredients to avoid, and what to pick out of the endless options and 15 product ranges. We’ve all been there.

Frustration quickly turned into fascination. I was obsessed with reading product labels, taking steps in other areas of my life to live a more conscious and chemical free lifestyle. Fast forward 2 years of researching, experimenting, mixing, making, tweaking, sampling and testing, and Big Hair + Beautywas born! A natural haircare range created specifically for curls, kinks + coils, made from hand picked, nourishing and effective ingredients that curls + afro’s need and love.

They say that when a women cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life – and that couldn’t be more true. When I big chopped I never imagined that I’d share this journey with you Beauties, or get to share yours.


Fast forward almost 4 more years. Big Hair was about more than hair. It’s a lifestyle, a way of life, a presence that only women with Big Hair understand. So we went about re-defining and re-imagining Big Hair as you know it. We know that if you’re here, it’s because you’ve probably made a conscious decision in more areas of your life than one.

How’s the new yoga class going? Did you try that smoothie recipe you saw online? How was the natural beauty expo you went to last weekend? We’ve been having these conversations with our customers for years, that’s why we’ve invested in creating a brand that matches your lifestyle needs and are focused on building a community that feeds your hair, mind + soul in all the ways that a woman with Big Hair needs.


But we can’t forget that Big Hair + Beauty was born out of a need for natural, high performance + high quality haircare formulations, made from the best handpicked ingredients, and specifically for afro + curly hair. We’re not influenced by industry fads, the latest buzzword ingredients, or artificial fragrances to mask the smell of toxic ingredients. We’re moved by healthy curls, kinks + coils, that demand attention, exude health + give you the confidence to be comfortable in the hair + skin that you’re in.

Healthy hair and healthy living start with a conscious choice. Your commitment to healthier curls, kinks + coils starts when you decide that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.

So, welcome to Big Hair + Beauty loves. Come inside, take a look around + take this journey with us. We’re so glad to have you here! Let’s grow + glow together.

Love + light,