Hey Beauty, welcome to the Big-Hair-Verse!


We've seen firsthand the damaging effects that harmful and toxic ingredients have on our hair, so we can’t ignore the impact that harmful and toxic practices have on a wider scale too.


So, at Big Hair + Beauty we’re not just mindful about the ingredients we use in your haircare products, we're also mindful about how we operate as a business and our impact on the planet…


…SO, here’s what we did.


  • When looking at our packaging options, whilst we settled on plastic bottles. We sourced HDPE plastic, which is made from recycled plastics and are one of the easiest and most common plastic polymers to recycle. They’re also recyclable, so if you recycle too you help us keep plastic off landfill and out of the sea.


  • Our shipping boxes are also made from recycled materials, and, of course recyclable - so if we all do our bit we keep the re-cycle and re-use train going.


  • Our loose fill (the little packing peanuts we use to secure your products when we ship) are also biodegradable. So iff they do end up on landfill, they have a short life time.


  • The Big Hair Team are also super conscious beings by nature. We recycle at the office, in the studio and in our day-to-day lives.


  • The Big Hair HQ has automatic lights that switch on when you enter a room and automatically switch off when there’s no one around.


So, by now you’ve probably got a good idea of who we are. And see that this is all a team effort and we can all do our bit. Of course, we’re constantly re-evaluating ways that we can improve our processes, reduce our carbon footprint and take steps to becoming one of the zero waste companies of the future.


Any ideas or suggestions? Put it on a postcard, or, better yet, save paper and pop it in an email to us at hello@bighair.co.uk.


Big Love,

The Big Hair + Beauty Team