We were featured in the Beauty Files in the August 2015 issue of Vogue Magazine.

We were featured in House of Coco Autumn 2015 print issue.

Available in Selfridges, Harrods and other selected stores.

We were featured in the ‘Mixed Race Hair Special’ in the August 2015 issue of Black Beauty and Hair Magazine.


We were featured as one of Dija Ayodele’s ‘Afro Hair Heroes’ over on ThandieKay!

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“I swear by the ‘Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment’ and ‘Moisture Me Whipped Butter’”

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We were featured in Naturally Curly’s ’12 Curly Products Available in the UK’

Blogger Love

“I LOVE it. I loooveee it guys. I love it!”

That time we became Neffy Fro Fro’s fave!

“This deep conditioner is lush! It is so gorgeous….that I’m willing to bet money that it was hand delivered from heaven by little fat cherub angels in a silk lined golden box….”

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“Seriously, it was one of my best twist outs ever!”

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